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It was in February 1995 when various organisations decided to found an exchange network, so that they could consolidate their growing bi-lateral relations concerning the training of directors of welfare institutions. This meeting took place in Rennes (F), since the French National School of Public Health (ENSP) had already co-operated in various ways with the partners present.

The instigators of the project intended that the EURODIR network should make it possible to consolidate and develop these links in a systematic way, to facilitate the sharing of experience, to seize opportunities to work together and to support the professional mobility of the directors of institutions.  A QUALITY CHARTER was adopted and signed by the participants in order to set out these intentions in writing.

The launch of the LEONARDO DA VINCI initiative by the European commission was the first opportunity for the participants to take joint action.  The project was presented to the commission as a "pilot project" by six members each from a country belonging to the European Union, as this was a condition of eligibility at the time.  The project was accepted as its general directions fitted in with the priorities of the European commission.

The project leader was ISCE from Odivelas (Portugal), the programme co-ordinator ENSP Rennes (France), and the other participants were LFD Vejle (Denmark), ARCADA Hannover, replaced by EFHD Darmstadt (Germany)1n 1996 and finally IPA Dublin (Ireland).

The three-year programme has been approved year after year and it has so far achieved the following: the creation of a European director's certificate and the procedure for awarding it; a system to accredit new members; a module on Social Europe; a series of videos from the different countries which can be used by students as a basis for a comparative analysis of social and welfare systems and finally a web site, which in future will be used for communication both within and outside the network.

On 24 September 1999 at their annual general meeting held in Bucharest (RO) the members of the network adopted the statutes and internal regulations of an association, which was to be registered as such under the French law of 1 July 1901.

The steering committee, which was elected for two years, is made up of six members, from among whom the officers were elected: president: ENSP- Rennes (Karl Garber, France); secretary: FICF-Bucharest (Gina Palicari, Romania); treasurer: EFHD Darmstadt (Dagmar Hosemann, Germany); further members: LFD Vejle (Max Suhr Olesen, Denmark), RO Stjordal (Ottar Vist, Norway), ISCE-Odivelas (Augusto Martins, Portugal).

Since this beginning a lot has changed. EURODIR grew up to 12 members from 11 countries. In a second Leonardo Program (2000 and 2001) management studies in Bialystok and Warszawa (Poland) und at Babes Bulai University in Cluj (Rumania) where established. Other members could not continue there management study programs but offered seminar and courses for directors and leaders in the health and social system. So the active members worked out a change in the admission of new members and a second certificate for life-long-learning. We hope that other education associations and personal members will join EURODIR to coordinate all the actual running good LLL Programs in Europe and give people the chance to get a EU accepted post graduate certificate which shows the quality of the knowledge in management in social organizations.