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Admission of new members

The dossier which follows sets out in detail the conditions for the admission of new members and gives guidelines for applications. You can find below some useful information which is dealt with more fully in the dossier itself.


Basic Conditions

Legal Persons:

A new member organisation must

  • be involved in the training of directors of welfare and health institutions
  • have a training project which has already been designed and which can be operational within a maximum of two years
  • offers post graduate studies in the subject of management in welfare and health  science
  • offers supervision, coaching or counselling for welfare and health organisations

The outline of the programme must cover the following three areas:

  • Health and social policies and practice; the framework within which the institution operates.
  • The mission of the institution, the target population, the implementation of services to the public in the fulfilment of the mission.
  • The management tools and methods of the institution and the mission

For the EURODIR certificate:

  • The total of the training programme must be not less than 30 EC including direct contact, self studies, practice placements and examination. This figure should be in line with the best practice current in the country of the applicant.
  • The final assessment should include a written examination, a dissertation or professional monograph which the trainee will present before an examining board.

For the Life-Long-Learning certificate EURODIR:

  • The member organisation must offer post graduate studies which contained
  • - Basics of management
  • - Basics of Social Work and/or Health Sciences
  • - Social Policy (EU dimension)
  • The curricular has to be comparable with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

The organisation must be committed to the values set out in the quality charter of the association, the universal charter of human rights and the European social charter.

Procedure for legal Persons:


The programme of the organisation and/ or the curricular for the post graduate studies and the life-long-learning programme must be sent to the board of the association. It should be written in French or English.


The applicant’s dossier is examined by a reporter, chosen from among the legal persons of the association. She/ he is chosen according to her/ his language abilities and so as to avoid any possible conflict of interest between her/ him and the candidate.


The reporter may request further information. Finally she/ he reports her/his opinion, which will be “favourable” or “unfavourable”. After consulting with the board members, a final decision will be taken and the candidate’s organisation will be informed.

Procedure for physical Persons:

A new physical member

  • must be graduate of one of the member organisations,
  • must have a qualification in management of social and health welfare organisations of the same standard as member organisations
  • or wants to gain the Life Long Learning EURODIR certification in a programme the member organisations offer.

The physical person has to send the relevant documents to the board of the association, to demonstrate fulfilment of the criteria mentioned in the Internal Rules. The board will examine them, take a decision and inform the candidate